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Stein Design & Construction builds quality
homes that are models of sustainable
construction. We are not afraid to "build
out of the box" and offer our clients a
variety of innovative earth-friendly
building systems that minimize negative
environmental impacts while maximizing
durability, beauty, and healthy living.

Let Stein Design & Construction
help you to create a beautiful home
or office that you can be proud of.
Dedicated to Building Healthier, Resource Efficient Homes
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Renewable Energy

We are experts in the use and application of renewable energy systems. Stein Design & Construction
can help you to integrate a renewable energy system into your home or business for backup power
protection or as your source of primary power. Let us help you to plan an energy system that takes
advantage of tax credits and incentives to subsidize the cost of your new system while saving you
dollars on your utility bills

You may choose to incorporate a renewable energy system into your home or business primarily as
an emergency back up power system. Or perhaps you are seeking to reduce your personal
contribution to global warming and environmental degradation? If your home is more than a half mile
from the utility lines, it may be more economical to put the money that would be spent on running
costly utility lines over a long distance into your own independent power system instead.

Whatever your reason for pursuing an alternative source of energy, we can help you to plan and build a
system that meets your needs.