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Stein Design
& Construction

Stein Design & Construction builds quality
homes that are models of sustainable
construction. We are not afraid to "build
out of the box" and offer our clients a
variety of innovative earth-friendly
building systems that minimize negative
environmental impacts while maximizing
durability, beauty, and healthy living.

Let Stein Design & Construction
help you to create a beautiful home
or office that you can be proud of.
Dedicated to Building Healthier, Resource Efficient Homes
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Keith Residence
Coldwell Banker
Heartfield Residence
Pratt Residence
In addition to building any style of home using traditional construction
methods, we can also incorporate the latest greenbuilding features
and systems to build you an exceptional home that you can truly be
proud of. At Stein Design & Construction, our goal is to build homes
that are extremely durable, aesthetically beautiful, a pleasure to live
and work in, at the cutting edge of energy efficiency, and consume a
minimum of natural resources both for their construction and their