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Stein Design & Construction builds quality
homes that are models of sustainable
construction. We are not afraid to "build
out of the box" and offer our clients a
variety of innovative earth-friendly
building systems that minimize negative
environmental impacts while maximizing
durability, beauty, and healthy living.

Let Stein Design & Construction
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Dedicated to Building Healthier, Resource Efficient Homes
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Building "Green"

There is a quiet revolution going on in building design and construction referred to as "Green Building".
Green buildings are designed and constructed in ways that use resources efficiently, are
environmentally sensitive, energy conserving, and provide pleasant and healthy environments for living,
working and playing. A huge amount of natural resources goes into the construction of a building and
the purchase of a home is the largest single expense in most people's lifetime. Because we are living
in a world that has finite resources and a continuously growing population of humans, it is our hope
that the principles of green development rapidly become the rule rather than the exception.

As "Green Building" becomes more popular, a lot of suppliers and builders "Greenwash" their
products, portraying materials and methods as "Green" that really aren't what they say they are. We
will give you the honest pros and cons of different products and systems, along with their relative
costs, so you can make the decision that is best suited to your needs, desires and budget.

Building "Clean" = Healthy Homes and Offices
It has been estimated that 50% of illnesses in the US are caused by indoor air pollution. Many
modern building materials contain a variety of toxic chemicals that can contribute to short term
illness and long term degenerative diseases. At Stein Design & Construction, we offer innovative
building methods and materials with low toxicity. We will be happy to work with you to insure that
your new home will be a healthy home uncompromised by the use of toxic building materials, and
can customize the design of your home to accommodate environmental issues such as mold
and pollen allergies or chemical sensitivities .