CV for Matthew Stein, PE

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Summary Of Qualifications:

*   B.S.  Mechanical Engineering From MIT (1978)

*   National Merit Scholar

Over 35 Years of Engineering Experience:

*   Water Filtration and Drinking Fountains    *   Safety Equipment

*   Medical Devices     *   Acoustics and Electro-Mechanical Devices

*   Photovoltaic Panels and Wind Turbine Components

*   Computer Peripherals     *   Automated Machinery

*   Plastic Part Design Expert (Several Published Articles and Patents)

Demonstrated Areas of Expertise:

*   Project Management and Leadership

*   Developing New, Innovative Solutions

*   Aesthetic & Ergonomic Product Design and Development

*   Patent Research, Claims Development & Process

*   Strong Analytical Skills: Stress/Thermal/Fluids/FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

*   Well Liked and Respected by Subordinates and Peers

*   Practical Experience and Familiarity with a Wide Variety of Processes and Materials

*   Expert witness, patent litigation and product liability


STEIN  DESIGN                                                                 3/94  to present


My engineering firm specializes in product development and machine design.  We are specialists in the aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional design of plastic parts. A partial client list includes Applied Solar, Renau Electronic Laboratories, Duraflame, Peterbilt Trucks, Acorn Engineering, The Bradley Corporation, Plantronics, International Gaming Technology (IGT), Japan Cash Machine (JCM), AudioNoggin, Applied Science, Quality Plastics, Garmond, Auto Safety Solutions, Water Safety Corporation, Safari Outdoor Products, Interphase Technologies, Specialty Fire Pumps, In Green Company, Saint Gobain, and Audio Noggin. We provide innovative and creative solutions to client design and production problems.  Product shape, form, and ergonomic development from conception to final detailed drawings.

Products include consumer products, BlueTooth headsets, medical filters, cash machines, complex plastic housings (including dozens of plastic enclosures for electronic devices and instruments), PV solar roofing panels, valves, specialized foam machines, paint application equipment, drinking fountains, safety equipment, various water filters and filtration peripherals, small scale sonar, and an innovative dollar bill stacking machine for handling multiple sizes of international currencies.  I currently hold twelve patents (both design and utility) and have the ability to find creative, practical and unique design solutions. Patented products which are predominantly formed from plastic include an adjustable snap-on accessory to broaden the shoulders of clothing hangers, a beautifully sculpted plastic utility lighter, a blow and injection molded gravity fed eyewash, a water-pik for dogs, and an innovative award winning wrap-around eye/facewash (winner of Plant Engineering’s Product-of-the-Year award). I have produced designs for several products that went on to become the top selling model for all products in their particular fields, including the Plantronics Starset Supra (the number one selling headset in the world for more than a decade), the Haws model 7500 gravity fed blow-molded eyewash (the number one selling gravity-fed eyewash for the past 28 years), and the Haws Polar Shower product line, which has dominated the industry since the mid 1990’s. Additionally, for the past 20 years I have designed nearly all the electronic enclosures for Renau Electronics Laboratories, a manufacturer who dominates the commercial kitchen electronic controller industry.

In approximately 21 cases, I have acted as an expert witness for patent infringement or product liability. So far, all but three of these cases were resolved pre-trial. In a 2008 patent infringement case that went to court, I was the key technical witness in a case where my client was awarded a substantial eight-figure judgment against the defendant, and in 2016 I was a key expert witness at a liability/injury trial where the plaintiff was awarded $1.8M in damages.


HAWS COMPANY, Sparks, NV                                 10/86  to  3/94


Director of Engineering for a leading manufacturer of emergency equipment and drinking fountains.  I built the engineering department from one full time engineer and one draftsman to a productive staff of eight people and restored Haws Company’s position as the leading innovator in its field.  As my department grew, responsibilities shifted from directly designing all new products to guiding and directing my staff of engineers and draftsmen, though my focus remained on new product development.

Personally designed and secured a patent for the “Omni-Flow”, an innovative new eyewash design which won the prestigious Gold Award for Product of the Year from Plant Engineering Magazine.  Other innovative and commercially successful new products included a blow molded gravity fed eyewash (still a top selling product after nearly 30 years), polar safety shower systems (Haws is now the world leader in this field), tempered water systems, high fashion drinking fountains, vandal resistant drinking fountains and a light touch pilot type pressure compensating push button valve.  Provided sculptural aesthetic shape development in addition to detailed part designs.  Awarded several design and utility patents.

Special project budgetary quotations and customer liaison work with large industrial clients.  Developed an extensive “Polar Shower” product line to provide industrial and chemical plants with enclosed, heated, freeze protected and anti-scald protected tempered water emergency shower systems.  Provided fluid flow analysis and piping design consultation services to industrial customers for large emergency shower installations.


HEALTHTEK, INC , Nevada city, CA                                       10/84  to  10/86


Broad engineering responsibilities for a start-up medical equipment manufacturer.  Product design and development, automated assembly machinery design, manufacturing engineering, jig and fixture design.  Automated assembly machinery involved rotary index tables including membrane feeds, transfer punches, heat stakes, ultrasonic welders and PLC controllers.  Assembly rates of over 10,000 units per shift were achieved.  Projects included vented chemotherapy drug dispensing device, IV filter, IV filter assembly machine, QC testing filter assembly machine, peristaltic pump components and a permanent eyeliner tattooing device.  Additionally, designed numerous miscellaneous precision injection molded parts.


SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY, Scotts Valley, CA                 10/83  to  10/84


Product design, manufacturability analysis and cost reduction for 5.25″ Winchester disc drives.  Design of precision die castings, stampings, powdered metal, ground and machined components.

Designed crash stop and low mass carriage for ST-212 and the carriage lock mechanism for ST-400 series disc drives.  Implemented major carriage, housing and assembly redimensioning for improved manufacturing and cost reductions.  Developed an excellent knowledge of geometric tolerancing and an innovative tolerance analysis technique which simplified the task of performing tolerance analysis for complicated mechanical assemblies.  Combined theoretical dynamic analysis with experimental modal analysis to come up with a major cost reducing design for vibration and shock isolators.


PLANTRONICS, INC, Santa Cruz, CA                           1/82  to  7/83

SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER  (CONTRACT)       and 12/79  to  6/80

Designed the original “Starset Supra”, a lightweight telephone headset.  This product has been a tremendous success and has spawned an entire family of headsets.  Sales far out-stripped initial marketing projections and the Supra remained Plantronic’s number one selling headset for more than a decade.  Designed plastic, metal and foam components for a teletype device for deaf persons telecommunications, a telephone answering system and a speakerphone.  Some acoustic analysis and design.  Invented an innovative snap together tamper resistant terminal housing with a simple hidden disassembly feature.


INTELLECT, INC, Honolulu, HI                                                    10/81  to  1/82


Designed enclosures and other mechanical hardware for digital air traffic control telecommunication systems.  Established design guidelines and trained employees in precision sheet metal design.


HEWLETT PACKARD (OED),  Palo Alto, CA                    7/78  to  11/79


Responsible for mechanical aspects of barcode reader (HP Wand) and optical encoder from prototype into production.  Design, testing and evaluation of precision injection molded parts.


PLANTRONICS, INC, Santa Cruz, CA                             Summer, 1977




B.S.  Mechanical Engineering awarded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978. Maintained a 3.5 GPA.  Emphasis on Mechanical Design, Heat Transfer and Stress Analysis.



FIRST THINGS FIRST:  Covey Leadership Center, 1994


IMPLEMENTING ISO-9000:  William’s Seminars,  1993


COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN:  Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV, 1989

MANAGEMENT SKILLS:  Fred Pryor Seminars, 1988

SOLAR WORKSHOP:  Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA, 1980

LINEAR ACTIVE NETWORKS:  Stanford University, 1979



Professional Engineer #M023939:  State of California, 1988.

CA General Contractor Lic# 805418, 2001

HI General Contractor Lic# BC23798, 2003


Professional and personal references are available upon request.


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