Client List

  1. Applied Science Corporation: Designed various blood mixing devices and peripheral instruments for this medical manufacturer.
  2. H2Technologies: Work on hydrogen fueling station equipment design to provide hydrogen for fuel cell powered vehicles, and auxiliary oxygen and hydrogen for bottled gas suppliers.
  3. Applied Solar/Open Energy Corporation: Design of photovoltaic roofing panels.
  4. Simple Pump: Designed bicycle powered add-on accessory to provide well pump services without electrical power.
  5. Specialty Fire Pumps: Designed special high volume pump for mixing and pumping fire fighting foam solutions.
  6. Plantronics: Work on design concepts for wireless Bluetooth and infrared-coupled telephone headsets.
  7. Water Safety Corporation: Design water filtration and treatment products.
  8. Renau Electronic Laboratories: Design of various relay, sensor and instrument housings.
  9. Garmond /Interphase Corporation: Mechanical designed of mini sub sonar systems, sonar boat navigational and sonar type fish location devices.
  10. Wild Winds LLC: Design of remote controlled device for use in dog agility competition and training.
  11. Active Roof Technologies: Design, engineering, and technical writing services for a company that makes a solar hot air space heating product using an envelope type metal roofing system.
  12. Prime Energy: Work on custom wind turbine design.
  13. Vital Systems: Design of plastic housing for hand held heart monitoring instrument.
  14. Aeroplane Factory: Provided design services and analysis on after-market landing gear linkages for out-of-production classic airplanes.
  15. Production Pattern & Foundry: Structural analysis on aluminum castings for Peterbilt trucks.
  16. JCM: Expert witness in Mars Vs JCM case 2006 and 2007 (the “Nugent” case). Expert witness work in JCM vs Mars case 2007 and 2008 (the “Nevada” case).
  17. 3Com: Design of soft case for protecting 3Com’s Palm Pilot products from drop damage.
  18. Bradley Corp: Design of patented gravity fed safety eyewash.
  19. Duraflame: Design of patented utility lighter. Also work on tiki torch with colored flames.
  20. Score It: Design of simple hand held devices to help track athletic game scores.
  21. Anwyl, Scofield & Stepp: Provided expert witness advice for legal case involving failed consumer water filter housings.
  22. Bainbridge Timbercreek: Designed plastic mixing tips for glue dispensing equipment. Consulting and expert witness work pertaining to patent related issues.
  23. Jatco: Provided plastic part design services for client of this injection molder. Design of ink jet cartridge manufacturing clip.
  24. EVCO Plastics: Design of Dr. Merry’s Potty Pal toilet training aid, and other consumer products.
  25. In Green Company: Design of product for monitoring moisture content in planter pot soils.
  26. Fits Again LLC: Design of consumer product to stretch wet clothing while drying so as to maintain original shape and fit without problems due to shrinkage.
  27. Orbit Baby: Provided stress analysis services to this manufacturer of innovative baby carriages.
  28. Roxi Group: Design of dispensing system for beverage rimming materials.
  29. JVS Global: Design of insulated sports bottle.
  30. Auto Safety Solutions: Performed design and project management work on an adjustable wide angle blind spot automotive mirror.
  31. Roadrunner Solar: Design and engineering services on a solar hot water panel project.
  32. FOA: Design assistance on a specialty off road vehicle shock absorber.
  33. UVCM: Design services for a UV lamp to purify pond and fountain water.
  34. Lobster Sports: Analysis and design for baseball pitching machines.
  35. Saint Gobain: Stress analysis and design of various plastic part snap fits for fluid dispensing devices.
  36. Peter Edwards Industrial Design: Analyze heat transfer in various electronic enclosures.
  37. Gus Gustafson: Designed patented clothing hanger device.
  38. Eldorado Stone: Designed mold bases for fake rock concrete building fascia molding process.
  39. Safety Snare/John McCafferty: Design work on power pole lineman safety tool.
  40. Aeras: Design work on training device for gymnasiums.
  41. Airtegrity: Design work on die cast enclosures for wireless internet access device.
  42. Power Up Products: Design work on various lighting and control products for commercial vehicles.
  43. Synergy Technology: NOTE, the project work for Safety Snare, Aeras, Airtegrity, and Power Up Products were performed as a contract employee of Synergy Technology, an engineering consulting firm. In general, the work performed for Synergy Technology was performed out of my Stein Design office and not on site at Synergy Technology. The work for all other clients was all performed under my own consulting firm, Stein Design.
  44. Sierra Design Group: Worked as a consultant (Stein Design) for Sierra Design Group on a cash machine retrofit kit for IGT slot machines 1998-1999. This kit incorporated JCM’s World Bill Acceptor (WBA).
  45. IGT: Worked as a consultant (Stein Design) for IGT 1994-1996. Worked on IGT’s World Bill Acceptor (WBA) project and slot machine handle assembly cost reduction project.
  46. NetMedia: Mechanical design of remote electronic device to act as a combination, key, computer mouse, and hand held IR linked interface with home automation master control panel/wall box. Also mechanical design of home automation master control panel/wall box.
  47. KartSaver Inc: Mechanical design of device to prevent unauthorized shopping cart theft.
  48. Northern Lights: Design of compact collapsing candle lantern for backpacking/camping.
  49. Safari Outdoor Products: Design of shower filters and sports bottle type water filters.
  50. ESC: Design of aftermarket replacement water filter cartridges.